Engineering Validation and Verification (V&V) Services for the Advanced Train Management System.

Noventus Role

Lockheed Martin Australia engaged Noventus to provide element/unit level software V&V for the Advanced Train Management System (ATMS) being developed for the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC).

Business Need

The ATMS is a communications (NextG Wide Area Network) / electronic block based signalling / train management project that has the potential to provide significantly upgraded capabilities to the rail industry of Australia.

The ATMS is designed to provide:

Lockheed Martin Australia (the prime systems integrator) engaged Noventus to provide V&V, which being a software intensive mission/safety critical project, will provide a high degree of assurance that the ATMS will accomplish its intended functional and performance requirements.

The Noventus Solution

Noventus mobilised a team of two V&V specialists who had significant experience and skills related to development and test of large scale software intensive Defence Aerospace projects.

Noventus provided a consultative solution founded on ethics, attention to detail, sound process, and high assurance / integrity testing to ensure safety / mission critical requirements were met.

Being a Defence Aerospace company, this approach resonated with the Lockheed Martin Australia culture.