Noventus Telecommunications advisory services span wireless and wireline (IP network) transformations and product development.

We assist major telecommunications providers with managing and solving complex project and product development and deployment challenges in areas such as:

  • Layer 2/3 Network Engineering & Testing
  • Mail Infrastructure – Proof of Concept Development & Systems Engineering
  • Cyber Security – Infrastructure, mobile application (iOS and Android), & web application Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) and Code Exploitation
  • Ethernet Systems Engineering
  • Wireline Transformations
  • National Broadband Network (NBN) Systems Engineering
  • IPv6 Systems Engineering
  • Wireless Mobility / Multi Bearer Communications Solutions – Systems Engineering, Communications Engineering, Software Engineering, Test Engineering and Installation / Deployment Management

Noventus unifies and integrates multi-disciplinary teams using our project management and systems engineering skills, experience and proven processes. 

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Other Industries

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Noventus is accredited to provide the following professional advisory services across Australia...


As a DSS and Digital Marketplace panel member, Noventus assists major government agencies Australia wide...


Noventus intelligent transportation systems (rail) provides engineering, independent systems assurance, risk management and safety engineering advice to major rail systems integrators, product develops and regulators...

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